Install Enlightenment on FreeBSD

🕐 2 minutes

📅 2022-01-27

Enlightenment (usually referred to as e for short), is a free desktop environment for X and Wayland, which was brought to life in 1997 by Carsten Haitzler. The first version was a hack of the well-known window manager fvwm and was called fvwm-xpm (rasterans fvwm). Over the course of time, the number of components and the range of functions has grown so much that there is no longer a mere window manager, but a full-fledged desktop environment.


We can install Enlightenment with the following command.

$: doas pkg install enlightenment


After starting enlightenment for the first time, a configuration manager opens, which asks for a basic setting of the language, keyboard, size of the font and widgets used, as well as the activation / deactivation of the composite. These settings and the fine-tuning of all modules used can be changed at any time. Enlightenment is highly configurable and leaves nothing to be desired.


If we work without a login manager and start x with startx from the console, we have to create a .xinitrc in the home directory and enter the following there:

$: nano .xinitrc =>

exec enlightenment_start
Enlightenment screenshot