Play Netflix, Disney Plus and other Widevine Content on FreeBSD

🕐 2 minutes

📅 2022-01-28

By default, it is not possible to watch Netflix or Disney Plus content on FreeBSD. The problem is that the Widevine browser plug-in is not available on FreeBSD.

I’ll show you a trick how to do it anyway. Since some FreeBSD versions, it is possible to install an Ubuntu base system into the built-in Linux binary compatibility of FreeBSD.

A member of the FreeBSD community has taken the trouble and created a simple installer script. You can find it here.

The linux-browser-installer is a Bourne shell script that allows us to install the Linux versions of the Chrome, Brave or Vivaldi browsers on FreeBSD in a Linux (Ubuntu Focal) chroot. This allows us to use web services like Netflix, Prime Video or Spotify that require Widevine.

I’ll walk you through each of the steps. First, we check out the repository from GitHub.

$: git clone git@github.com:mrclksr/linux-browser-installer.git

Next we change to the new directory with

$: cd linux-browser-installer

Then we execute the following command

$: doas ./linux-browser-installer chroot create

It will run a chroot installation of Ubuntu in a separate directory with the help of deebootstrap.

Once it is complete, we can then install our favorite browser.

The whole thing is then done with the command

$: doas ./linux-browser-installer install (chrome or brave or vivaldi)

After the installation, we still have to activate and start the rc service.

$: doas service ubuntu enable
$: doas service ubuntu start

Occasionally we also need to upgrade the packages in Ubuntu, we can do it like this.

$: doas ./linux-browser-installer chroot upgrade