Install Mate on FreeBSD

Last update: 11.04.2021

Mate is a fork of the now obsolete code-base of the GNOME 2 desktop environment. Active work is underway to add support for new technologies while maintaining the traditional desktop experience.

We run the following command to install Mate from the FreeBSD official repository.

root #: pkg install mate

After the installation is complete, we need to activate the services for our Mate desktop environment. To do this, we simply need to run the following commands.

root #: service moused enable
root #: service dbus enable
root #: service hald enable

In contrast to GNOME or KDE, Mate does not have its own login manager. We'll be using Slim instead.

So that Mate can be used under Slim, we add the following line in .xinitrc.

root #: nano .xinitrc =>

exec mate-session
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